Ceramic Review, 259, enero/febrero 2013


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Como suele ser habitual, esta revista divide su espacio entre los artículos sobre ceramistas: Ken Price, Irish Charm, Linda Dangoor, Elke Sada, Ben Arnup y Sandra Eastwood; los artículos técnicos, en esta ocasión sobre pitorros y asas, teteras o los cambios en las pastas cerámicas durante la cocción; además encontraremos las secciones de actualidad del mundo cerámico y las secciones de opinión y crítica.


Fusing Colour & Form
Michael McTwigan reflects on the life and work of acclaimed artist Ken Price

Irish Charm
Angus Stewart finds discipline and beauty in Sara Flynn’s newly shaped vessels

Sculpture. As Natural as Breathing
Linda Dangoor’s surfaces are imbued with growth and movement, writes Ian Wilson

Ceramics for Use
Gabi Dewald embraces Elke Sada’s playful approach to decoration and shape

Potter. The Seen Surface
Ben Arnup plays with our perception of surface to imaginative effect

Potter. A Pattern for Life
Tim Boon considers Sandra Eastwood’s sculptural forms to be sophisticated and accomplished

Exploring Surface
A look at five different potters’ approaches to decoration, texture, and finish

Spouts & Handles

Changes in Clay during Firing
Mike Bailey


Makers’ Notes

A Potter’s Day
Stuart Carey

Off Centre
Phil Tomlinson


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