Ceramic Review, 264, noviembre/diciembre 2013


Portada de la revista Ceramic Review

El número de noviembre/diciembre de esta revista, comienza con el anuncio que la directora, Bonnie Kemske, hace de su retirada al frente de la publicación. Según se deduce de sus palabras y de su «editorial», esta retirada no ha sido voluntaria, sino que corresponde a la intención de la empresa editora (Craft Potters Association) de variar la línea de la revista. De momento anuncian que el nuevo director será, de momento, Jack Doherty.

Pero esta no es la única novedad, ya que Ceramic Review se suma a la tendencia, ya imparable, de publicación también en formato digital.


Going Subtle
A dramatic shift in Michelle Ohlson‘s work takes her back to her roots, write Margaret Crump

Tate St Ives
Andy Christian discusses how ceramics han been represented at Tate St. Ives over the past two decades

The Spectacle of Tradition
The history of thrwowing demonstrations, as explored by Stephen Knott

Portrait of a Gallery Owner
Esther Viros discover how Robert Yellin cam to be a gallery owner in Kyoto, Japan.

The Penumbra of Material
Jo Dahn in conversation with Nicholas Less about his optical objects

Playing with Clay
Alex Shimwell shares his thoughts on, and processes for, making his ceramic pieces

Exquisite Surfaces
Mercedes Smith meets the Leach Pottery’s Lead Potter, John Beding

Ceramics at the School
An overview of BA, MA y PhD ceramic courses in our annual Art School Survey

Technique. Burnishing
Tina Vlassopulos

Technical. Throwing Big Pots
Jim Keeling

Technical. Decoratin Sgraffito
Dominique Keeling

Makers’ Notes. Notes from Features
Alex Shimwell and Nicholas Lees


A Curator and Ceramist’s Day
Curator Shauna Janssen on Linda Swanson and her 1000 «slugs»


Off Centre
Why, after eighteen years, Andrew MacDonald moved his workshop


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