Residencias artísticas en Cogorderos - León

Ceramic Review, marzo/abril, 2011

by Infocerámica

Ceramic Review

Year of Craft
Helen Moore prepares for a Year of Craft in 2011 Helen Moore
Sculptor Bestiarum Vocabulum
Susan O’Byrne reveals the inspiration behind her fantastical creatures Susan O’Bryne
Historical City of Tiles
John Hannavy explores La Cartuja, a once-thriving ceramic factory in Seville John Hannavy
Potter Functional yet Extravagant
Robert Teed previews Louisa Taylor’s solo exhibition in York Robert Teed
Living Tradition Vessels for the Divine
Rachael Davey unravels the tradition of sacred Buddhist art Rachael Davey
International ‘Painters should touch clay’
Helen Bevis looks at the work of French artist Guy Honore Helen Bevis
International The Performative Gesture
Janet Abrams admires the ‘voracious’ sculptures made by artist Sterling Ruby Janet Abrams
Potter Living the Dream
Mark Judson fulfils his ambition of creating a new life in Vienne, France Mark Judson
Education Extended Learning
John Mahoney-Phillips attends a masterclass at St Paul’s School, Barnes John Mahoney-Phillips
Research The Tourist Experience
Fiona Thompson explores the souvenir object Fiona Thompson
Groundings Agateware Part 2
Mike Bailey further examines marbling techniques Mike Bailey
A Potter’s Day A Potter’s Day
Mike Goddard throws pots in the balmy Caribbean Mike Goddard
Off Centre Off-Centre
Jeff Guido reveals his perfect dinner guests


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