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Shape and Shave
by Shoko Teruyama
Get away from the “flat slab” look and give a little more volume to your forms. Shoko shows you how to blend in extra clay around the rim and the foot while providing step-by-step for making a bird dish.

A Crowning Achievement
by Martina Lantin
You can enjoy the best of both worlds when you handbuild with thrown and altered parts. Martina demonstrates how to create her iconic crown jar, a lidded form with a deep set galley and handformed lid.

Fascinating Constructions
by Annie Chrietzberg
Discover how a single complex form can provide you with dozens of variations. Annie describes Bowie Croisant’s technique for molding and casting a Depression-era glass light globe.

Die-Cut Stencils
by Paul Barchilon
No need to shy away from complex stencil designs when all you need is a pattern and a place to have it cut. Paul instructs you on using computer graphic programs to get repeat designs, but this process is adaptable to ornate freehand work as well. Professional die-cutters with very expensive machines do the hard part.

Bristol Glazes
by Cherly Pannabecker
Developed to replace lead-based glazes in factories, Bristol glazes are zinc-based substitutes that offer a range of color and mottled surfaces.

Moveable Studio
by Jackson Fox
If your studio has limited space, here are some suggestions on how you can put some of your equipment and supplies on wheels.

Finding a Niche
by Bill Jones
Tracy Gamble tries out Amaco/Brent’s new sprig molds with a series of nichos – a Latin America folk art object that offers lots of potential.

Rainbow Revealed
by Adrian Sandstrom
If you’re looking for a colorful surface treatment, here it is. Adrian demonstrates his technique for creating multi-colored surfaces with a combination of spraying and sgraffito.

Slabware Molds
by Jonathan Kaplan
Colorado potter Macy Dorf reveals a simple molding technique using 1-inch Styrofoam – an excellent way to create forms quickly for decoration and altering.

Ceramic Transfer Printing
review by Sumi von Dassow
Read the review and find out more about the book.

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