Ceramic Review, 249, mayo-junio 2011

by Infocerámica

portada de revista Ceramic Review

La revista británica Ceramic Review se caracteriza por la variedad de sus contenidos y por el interés que presta al día a día de los ceramistas. Me ha gustado un artículo del ceramista Nigel Lambert sobre el placer de hacer y usar cerámica en la mesa, que hace pensar sobre la frontera entre el arte y la artesanía. Sobre esto, Nigel Lambert habla de lo injusto de las jerarquías que se han establecido.

From Stone to Clay
Sandy Brown reveals Peter Randall-Page’s new-found confidence in clay

Potter. Setting the Table
Nigel Lambert’s vibrant pots become part of the dinner table conversation

Potter. Familiar Objects of the Domestic Landscape
Amanda Fielding reports on Katharine Morling’s sketches in clay

Comment . Ceramics as a Shifting Discipline
Josh Redman comments on the definition of ‘ceramics’

Collaborations. A Lull in the Conversation
Sharon Blakey discusses the collaborative projects undertaken in ‘Pairings’

Potter. A Playful Improviser
David Whiting looks at the dynamic work of Robert Cooper

Potter. Can Beauty Come from Pain?
Frankie Locke travels on a cathartic journey through her ceramics

Education. Broadening Perspectives
Carol Grant reports on a residency in Denmark

Technical. Glaze. A Coda to Cracking
Ben Brierley discusses his technique for patching ceramic scars

Internet. To Web or Not to Web
Andy Christian explores the pros and cons of selling work online

Technical. Digital Photography
Ben Eldridge offers a beginner’s guide to photographing ceramics

Technical. Ceramic Transfer Printing
Kevin Petrie discusses hi-tech and low-tech approaches

A Potter’s Day. A Potter’s Day
Sim Taylor spends a typical day inspiring young adults

Off Centre. Off-Centre
Peter Beard gives advice to students when approaching potters

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